glazed cabinets
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A glazed cabinet consists of a semi-transparent or transparent additional coat on top of a painted or stained cabinet to give it a distinct look. Glazing beats the cost of painting cabinets repeatedly, which saves you money. The glaze adds color and depth to cabinets to give them a darker, vintage look to add accent in a particular room. Glazed cabinets can be installed in kitchens, bath vanities, bathrooms and entertainment centers among other areas.

The glazing process

The traditional process of glazing includes dry brushing on glazed item after which it is applied on a finished product to leave a glaze. The process can be repeated again to achieve a heavier glaze. There a new trend of glazing called ‘inking’ that leaves no trace of glaze on a cabinet after application. It leaves a clear contrast on areas that have been glazed and those that have not. Using a brown glaze on a white or cream cabinet leaves a clean line contrast. You need to hire a professional experienced in cabinetry and carpentry to use this type of glazing method on your cabinets for a perfect finish. Remember, glazing does not affect the quality of cabinets.

Benefits of glazing

Glazing gives an antique look to cabinets. Next time you are looking to remodel your kitchen, instead of installing new kitchen cabinets, you can have your old cabinets glazed. The rustic look that glaze leaves on cabinets goes well with different designs and style so you can never go wrong with glazed cabinets. Glazed cabinets are at a class of their own and add depth to cabinets to make a room stand out. Glaze is also affordable compared to the cost of repainting the cabinets in your house. This is a DIY project but if you are not sure you can handle the task perfectly, you can always hire services from professionals at a reasonable price.

Glaze colors

There are two types of glaze colors; white glaze and dark glaze. The white glaze goes well with white painted cabinets while dark glaze gives a perfect finish on stained cabinets. If you are looking to acquire an antique look on your cabinets, you should apply darkly pigmented glaze on white cabinets. Glazes come in various shades, which include bronze, mocha, vanilla, nickel, caramel, coffee and tea.

Glazed cabinet style ideas

Glazing can deliver a stellar finish on carved cabinets. It also goes well with cabinets that have detailed doors and drawer fronts to make them stand out. If you seek to glaze your kitchen cabinets, glazed pantries can provide a focal point and accent all the other kitchen surfaces. If you are looking for kitchen designs for your new home or simply want to remodel your current kitchen, ensure that you work with contractors well qualified in cabinetry. They will advise you well on which cabinets around your home will do well with glazing. You can also check for glazed cabinet ideas online so that you can come up with a concept that will work in your home.