Since our inception, Quality Mica & Carpentry has quickly become a reputable builder of fully customized, high-quality and beautiful kitchen cabinets that aggrandize the heart and soul of our customer’s homes. We use only the finest cabinet materials on the market so there is no substitute for quality here.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets for Residential Applications

There are so many ways to enhance the style of a kitchen, and some options may pose unique challenges. However, you can never go wrong when you opt for custom kitchen cabinetry. There are so many details and features to choose from to ensure you create the perfect custom kitchen style. Yes! You can easily take a basic kitchen up a notch with stylish cabinets to create a high-end look. Today, there are many kitchen cabinet styles to choose from, including elegant, contemporary and transitional styles. What’s more, a great range of wood species such as rustic beech, maple and cherry are widely available on the market as well.

The Quality Mica & Carpentry Process for Building Custom Kitchen Cabinets

At Quality Mica & Carpentry, we listen to our clients before designing; verify site dimensions before manufacturing; as well as deliver and install. As you can see, our clients do not need to do anything else other than provide us with their unique specifications and share ideas with us. With the services of our experienced estimators, project managers and professional installers, we assure you that building your custom kitchen cabinets with us always entail a hassle-free process.

Apart from manufacturing your cabinets with the latest woodworking equipment, including CNC machines, cabinet door equipment and boring machines, we take pride in our work and use high quality materials as we want your custom cabinets to be a work of art. What’s more, our production skills ensure that your cabinets are sturdy enough to ensure flawless operation in one of the most used rooms in your home, which is the kitchen.

Why Should You Build Customized Kitchen Cabinets with Quality Mica & Carpentry?

At Quality Mica & Carpentry, we understand that designing your kitchen cabinets can be an exciting process, but finding the ideal door style and finish can be challenging at times. If you are not sure about what you want, fret not. We are here to make your lives easier. Whether you need to browse through hundreds of cabinet styles or finishes, you can always be sure that we have the right options to get the look you are after.

We have been in the cabinetmaking business for more than two decades, so you can rest assured that you are working with a leading manufacturer of custom kitchen cabinetry in the Tri-State area. Our talented professionals are highly trained and can create the finest cabinetry that brings out the true beauty of natural wood and your kitchen design. As we are continually improve our levels of service and product offerings, it is no wonder that we have built a solid base of returning customers and gained new customers through word-of-mouth over the years.

Want custom kitchen cabinets that ooze sophistication? Contact us today via email or call us at (877) 957-3550. Alternatively, you can visit our showroom in person!